Wednesday, November 14


Hey climbers, this time of year is about giving thanks and giving back! As of November 15 till December 15 Volcanic Rock Gym will be holding a FOOD DRIVE to help those in need and to build awareness!

With every visit we get in the gym there will be a monetary donation made towards the Hawaii Food Bank and for every can good brought it will also be matched with a monetary donation!

So come in with your friends and family to climb with a can good in hand! Ask us for details and let us know if you have any questions.

Here's how your visits will contribute to our food drive:

- Canned Goods . . . VRG Contribution: $.25
- Day Pass: $12 . . . VRG Contribution: $1
- Month Pass: $50 . . . VRG Contribution: $5
- Annual Pass: $48/month . . . VRG Contribution: $10

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